The famous Tombili statue in Ziverbey, Istanbul
Street art

In search of Tombili – Istanbul’s famous cat

Calling all kitty lovers! Pack your bags and book your tickets to Istanbul because Turkey’s second city (also known as ‘Catstantinople’) is absolutely heaving with friendly, fussable cats. Owned by no one and everyone, thousands of strays are fed and cared for by kind…

2 November, 2016
Food and drink

East London foods and where to find them

As a tourist in my own country, I find it’s difficult to discover homegrown dishes I haven’t tried before. If I were new to the UK I’d be all over the fry-ups, roast dinners, fish and chips and Tikka Masala like a greedy food-seeking…

31 May, 2016
Street art

Hidden street art on Playa’s Fifth Avenue

One visit to Playa del Carmen’s main tourist drag, Fifth Avenue, was all it took to put us off from going back for several weeks. I’ve learned to love it since then (well, appreciate it at least) but on that first day, I had…

23 May, 2016
Food and drink

10 things I’ve learned about Mexican food

As someone whose lifetime experience of Mexican cuisine was previously limited to Old El Paso meal kits and cactus-themed restaurants, I can safely say that actual Mexican food from actual Mexico is worth spending time discovering. Mexico is DELICIOUS. So delicious, in fact, that…

21 May, 2016