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Dino by ROA at the abandoned theme park Taman Festival Bali
Street art

Eat Spray Love, Part 1: Abandoned Theme Park, Bali

Beautiful Bali – the home of ancient temples, rice terraces and friendly, smiley people. After you’ve attempted your best down dog in Ubud, hopped over to the Gilis and hung out with the surfers in Canggu… what’s next? Welp, how about a creepy abandoned…

24 February, 2017
Chewing gum art painted yellow, blue and pink with the word London
Street art

Chewing gum: the hidden street art under your feet

The next time you’re in London and you want to check out some street art: Look down. You might find hidden artwork under your feet. These tiny masterpieces are the creation of Ben Wilson, AKA The Chewing Gum Man. And yes, those are gobbed…

17 November, 2016
The famous Tombili statue in Ziverbey, Istanbul
Street art

In search of Tombili – Istanbul’s famous cat

Calling all kitty lovers! Pack your bags and book your tickets to Istanbul because Turkey’s second city (also known as ‘Catstantinople’) is absolutely heaving with friendly, fussable cats. Owned by no one and everyone, thousands of strays are fed and cared for by kind…

2 November, 2016
Street art

Hidden street art on Playa’s Fifth Avenue

One visit to Playa del Carmen’s main tourist drag, Fifth Avenue, was all it took to put us off from going back for several weeks. I’ve learned to love it since then (well, appreciate it at least) but on that first day, I had…

23 May, 2016