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Food and drink

Nut Butter is My Nemesis

I can’t have peanut butter in the house any more. I’ve tried to be sensible about it. I tell myself it’s a nice thing to have in the cupboard for when you fancy it. I’ll just put it at the back. Maybe behind some…

21 July, 2023
Melted grilled cheese on a white enamel plate with three slices of white bread
Food and drink

Comfort Food: Grilled Cheese On A Plate

Is there any meal as brazen as grilled cheese on a plate? As a kid, I would hesitate when it was put in front of me, certain that melted cheese, on its own – on a plate of all things – was downright naughty.…

26 May, 2023
Karamiso ramen from Sendai Ramen Mokkori in Bangkok
Food and drink

Comfort Food: Ramen

I came late to the ramen party. Before I had my first taste in 2015, ramen was a noodly mystery to me – something I saw on American TV shows where packet versions were used to signify someone who was broke. I didn’t even know…

14 January, 2017
A close up of stir-fried green pak wan, garlic and mushrooms from Nahm, Bangkok
Food and drink

Fine dining in Bangkok – lunch at Nahm

There’s something a little obscene about splashing out on an expensive meal in Bangkok when good, cheap food is so readily available everywhere. From those fantastic portable street stalls hawking meat lollies, to the hole-in-the-wall vendors dishing out soups and stir fries, you can…

28 November, 2016
The seafood salad from Papdakis Taverna is awesome
Food and drink

Crete in 6 dishes and drinks

I have a particularly gooey soft spot when it comes to Crete. It’s where some of my earliest (and happiest) family holiday memories were made. I remember watching costumed dancers at Greek Nights, listening intently to mythologies about the Minotaur, and spending long summer…

10 November, 2016