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Food and drink

Food and drink

Food for the dead: the taste of Día de los Muertos

Experiencing Day of the Dead in Mexico has been one of my all time favourite travel moments to date. The celebrations we saw in Oaxaca (arguably the best spot for the festivities) were a crazy mishmash of deeply held reverence, centuries-old traditions, modern Halloween…

10 May, 2016
Food and drink

Sounds of Mexico: Thanksgiving edition

Our neighbours in Playa del Carmen keep turkeys. I think I can safely say that I’ve never seen an actual, real life turkey before, so I guess it’s true what they say: Travel really is full of new experiences! This is what I have…

29 November, 2015
Food and drink

Sounds of Mexico: Cinco Pesos Los Tamales

If you head across Guanajuato’s San Francisco square in the late afternoon and walk towards the Venetian-style bridge that arches across from Cafe Santo, you’ll have a good chance of hearing the ‘Cinco Pesos Los Tamales’ guy long before you see him. I didn’t really know what…

23 October, 2015
Food and drink

Carnitas Sunday: My kind of tradition

Of all the different traditions we’ve come across on our travels, Carnitas Sunday is the first one I’ve found that I can truly get behind. For the uninitiated, carnitas are slow-braised pork shoulders cooked in lard, herbs and their own juices, roasted in an oven and then pulled apart…

14 October, 2015
Food and drink

Tuxedos and dive bars

It all started, as many big nights out do, with a quick beer. We were sitting with our friends Kelly and Jim in a sunny plaza in Guanajuato when we spotted our friendly American landlady and called her over for a chat. We told…

6 October, 2015
Food and drink

Hot chocolate in Oaxaca: don’t forget the froth

At the back of the El Pochote organic market in Oaxaca, there are two (very) grumpy ladies who make an absolutely rocking cup of hot chocolate. They take a caked block of chocolate – it looks similar to a brownie – and add it…

17 September, 2015