AdventureSmith Maps with Foursquare

I see lots of blog posts about great places with but with no maps or location info on. It’s 2015 people this has got to stop!

So my handsome and talented husband (he wrote this bit!) has been building a solution to make adding maps to websites quick and easy. We’re doing it mainly for ourselves but figure it may be of interest to other people too.

The idea is that you can login with Foursquare, choose a town (from your check-in history), and then select places you’ve checked in and add little comments and quickly make a map to embed in your site.

It’s extremely alpha at the moment but if you’d be interesting in learning more as it develops subscribe to the mailing list below and we’ll keep you in the loop.


  • Do I need Foursquare? Afraid so
  • How much does it cost? Not sure yet, maybe nothing, but there will be a free tier no matter what
  • Will it be awesome? Yes! Thanks for asking
  • How can I learn more? Join the mailing list below. I’ll only contact you with updates about AdventureSmith Maps

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