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Melted grilled cheese on a white enamel plate with three slices of white bread
Food and drink

Comfort Food: Grilled Cheese On A Plate

Is there any meal as brazen as grilled cheese on a plate? As a kid, I would hesitate when it was put in front of me, certain that melted cheese, on its own – on a plate of all things – was downright naughty.…

26 May, 2023
Chewing gum art painted yellow, blue and pink with the word London
Street art

Chewing gum: the hidden street art under your feet

The next time you’re in London and you want to check out some street art: Look down. You might find hidden artwork under your feet. These tiny masterpieces are the creation of Ben Wilson, AKA The Chewing Gum Man. And yes, those are gobbed…

17 November, 2016
Food and drink

East London foods and where to find them

As a tourist in my own country, I find it’s difficult to discover homegrown dishes I haven’t tried before. If I were new to the UK I’d be all over the fry-ups, roast dinners, fish and chips and Tikka Masala like a greedy food-seeking…

31 May, 2016
Food and drink

Living ‘The Good Life’

You know those amazing lifestyle blogs where the author lives in the countryside, makes creative, wholesome food and is artsy and crafty to boot? My mother-in-law could write one of those blogs. Maureen and Brian have the whole ‘Good Life’ thing going on and it’s…

20 February, 2014