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Playa Del Carmen

Street art

Hidden street art on Playa’s Fifth Avenue

One visit to Playa del Carmen’s main tourist drag, Fifth Avenue, was all it took to put us off from going back for several weeks. I’ve learned to love it since then (well, appreciate it at least) but on that first day, I had…

23 May, 2016
Food and drink

Sounds of Mexico: Thanksgiving edition

Our neighbours in Playa del Carmen keep turkeys. I think I can safely say that I’ve never seen an actual, real life turkey before, so I guess it’s true what they say: Travel really is full of new experiences! This is what I have…

29 November, 2015
Food and drink

Eating Playa del Carmen

I got off to a shaky start with food in Mexico. My usual (and now I think of it, flawed) strategy when arriving in a new country is to go to a local restaurant, point to a menu item that has the most fun-sounding…

11 August, 2015