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Food and drink

Food and drink

Celebrating Mexican Independence Day

It’s Mexican Independence Day today, and like many people here, I am nursing a bit of a hangover. I’d like to think of it as a step towards assimilating into local culture, but I’ll have to do it quietly because… Mezcal. Confusingly enough, Independence Day doesn’t actually…

16 September, 2015
Food and drink

Oaxaca diary: Our month with Mexican grandparents

Day one We’ve just moved into our new apartment in Oaxaca! It’s nothing fancy, but we have a comfortable bed, a lounge (with a sofa, no less!) and all the amenities we need… including a kitchen so small it might be considered a cupboard.…

11 September, 2015
Food and drink

Eating Playa del Carmen

I got off to a shaky start with food in Mexico. My usual (and now I think of it, flawed) strategy when arriving in a new country is to go to a local restaurant, point to a menu item that has the most fun-sounding…

11 August, 2015
Food and drink

Living ‘The Good Life’

You know those amazing lifestyle blogs where the author lives in the countryside, makes creative, wholesome food and is artsy and crafty to boot? My mother-in-law could write one of those blogs. Maureen and Brian have the whole ‘Good Life’ thing going on and it’s…

20 February, 2014
Food and drink

Çiğ köfte: the Turkish raw meat dish with a kick

I’m generally pretty good when it comes to getting the right balance between being adventurous with food and applying common sense safety rules. So I can safely say that eating a lump of raw meat that’s presented as though a ham-fisted toddler has mistaken it…

12 July, 2013